Ways to enhance your life that take less than 5 minutes a day:

Centre Yourself
Clear your head, take a few deep breaths and stop to centre yourself, if only for 2 or 3 minutes.  This will give you more energy during the day.  It’s a good investment!

Stop to watch a sunset
How many times have you been driving and glanced at a sunset and thought “Wow, nice sunset”?   This time, stop somewhere and take 5 minutes to enjoy the beauty and magic of a sunset.  Even better if it is with someone you love.

Write a thank you note
Show someone you are grateful for something they have done for you by writing a thank you note.  This will not only make you feel good and appreciate the wonderful people in your life, but it will certainly make someone’s day to receive it.

Use some creative visualisation
Imagine something you want and what it would feel like to have it.  Take a few minutes each day to actually visualise your life and how different it would be.  You will naturally start to progress towards this goal by visualising you have already achieved it or already have it.

Spend a few minutes every evening just holding or hugging someone you love
Show them how much you love them by appreciating them.

Even 5 minutes a day can start to make a difference over time.  Run on the spot, dance to your favourite song before heading off to work or get off the bus one stop earlier.  Fit some exercise into your day and you will feel energised and motivated to take on the world.

Sit by some water
Find a body of water than you can sit by and relax for even 5 minutes a day – if you can be there longer, even better!

How to become an inspirational speaker

How to REALLY live

Every morning, plan your day  
When you first wake up, plan how your day is going to go.  Decide the attitude you will bring with you - remember, you are stuck with yourself all day!

Do one thing that scares you
If you plan to do one thing that will take you out of your comfort zone every day, you will stretch and challenge yourself more and more.

Have a positive attitude
Yes it is hard.  Everything that happens is supposed to happen.  Look at the positive aspects of every situation.  The Universe is looking out for you, every step of the way.

Let yourself love
Don't stop yourself from loving because you are afraid of losing.  Sometimes you have to risk everything to get everything.  And sometimes you get nothing back.  Let yourself be human, let yourself feel, let yourself get hurt.  

Be true to yourself
Live your truth, regardless of the consequences.  Sometimes you have to trust that everything just works out.

Just be.
Enjoy the company of others that make you feel happy and positive.  Live every day.  Believe in yourself.  Trust who you are.  Just be.
Such a great man and a loss to the world of personal development.  A tribute to Stephen Covey, taken from someone else's Blog.

Are you getting your daily dose of vitamins?

What are some of the ways in which you can get your ABC Vitamins daily?

Your attitude makes a difference in the way you see yourself and the way others see you.  Every day, do a quick attitude check to see how you're feeling.  Remember - the world is exactly as you see it.  Choose to have a positive attitude to start your day.

What would you achieve if you knew you couldn't fail?  There are no limits.  Believe in yourself and your capabilities.  Every day, think about what success means to you and focus on how you can achieve that success.  Take one small step towards your future every day.  You'd be surprised at how quickly small steps snowball and become huge achievements.

OK - so what are you waiting for?  Now take that leap of faith.  Yes, it's going to be hard sometimes.  Yes, you can find yourself wondering whether you've done the right thing.  It doesn't matter.  Have the courage to take a step forward.  Remember that most of the magic happens outside of your comfort zone.  How do you plan on being brave today?
A huge thank you to everyone that attended the very first networking event for Trainers held on 20 June 2012 at Narrabeen.  The event was a tremendous success with over 45 people in attendance.  We weren't expecting such a crowd so will be mindful of more space requirement for the next one!

The event provided a good opportunity for people to network with other like-minded professionals, and the two guest speakers provided so much wonderful knowledge.

Yvonne George from Horse and Wolf Healing (www.horseandwolf.com.au) spoke about how to protect yourself as a Trainer or Presenter.  As we all know, you can be very vulnerable when being authentic and giving so much of yourself.  Her strategies were easy to understand and follow and we were able to implement what she told us instantly!

Nathan Wright spoke about his incredible journey as a Presenter with Toastmasters, and shared some tips on how to manage nerves that have helped him during this training career.

Overall, a great night with many positive comments.  I'm looking forward to the next event, and hope to see you all there!
So you've decided you want to be a Trainer / Presenter!  Congratulations on a great decision.  Trainers and Presenters have one of the most challenging, satisfying and inspiring jobs in the world.  Of course, I am a bit biased as a Trainer / Presenter myself.  

What I can share with you, in all honesty, is that once I made that decision, I have never looked back and have loved every minute of it.

Not sure where to start?  Here are five simple steps that may help you embark on this exciting journey:

  1. If you haven’t completed your Certificate IV in Training and Assessment (TAE40110) then sign up for a course soon.  You may have completed the older qualification (TAA40104) and this will no longer be recognised in the industry as of June 2013.  There are many different options out there, ranging from distance education, blended delivery (where you complete a few days face to face then complete projects from home) and the full face to face options.  Look for a provider that resonates with you.  Ask questions such as  How much workload am I expected to complete in between sessions?  When can I expect to finish the course, realistically?  (Ask this if you are considering a blended or distance option.  Most face to face courses should finish you up on the last day, but just in case, ask the question!)  Is there a fee for re-assessment if I am not marked competent on the first attempt at an assessment?  Note that some providers will charge you a fee to re-submit an assessment.  Is the course I am completing Nationally Recognised?  Note that some providers are not Registered Training Organisations, therefore they will not be providing you with a nationally recognised Statement of Attainment.
  2. Choose your area of expertise and what you want to train or present in.  Call some organisations that are currently offering these courses and ask them what you need to do in order to be able to apply for a job with them.  They may require you to have your Certificate IV in Training and Assessment along with some industry knowledge, or you may require some formal qualifications.  Find out so you have something to work towards.
  3. You may choose to start your own business offering training courses.  Do some market research into other offerings on similar topics to get an idea of market rates and what is out there.
  4. If you are developing a course from scratch, start writing!  Draw up a mind map of what you need to include in the course material and put it all together.  Work out how long it will take to deliver in a group environment.  Start marketing your course.
  5. Join a networking group for Trainers and Presenters, talk to industry experts and find out what’s happening in the industry itself.  

Pretty easy right?  What are you waiting for!  Take the first step and get started on your brand new career.  Today is the day when you make a change, for the better.  Good luck with it and happy training!

You can also contact tlc3 for more information on training courses, including short workshops and Certificate IV in Training and Assessment courses in your area - Contact The Learning Catalyst now for more information.